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#10 Lady of Patience

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This post is such a summary that I made and understand from book Lady in Waiting by Jackie Kendall and Debby Jones

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"Just remember that we are not just marrying a husband, but choosing a father for our children".
“Just remember that we are not just marrying a husband, but choosing a father for our children”.

Waiting isn’t easy when you are young, and it can be terribly hard as you get older.

Was the wait easy? NO. Was the wait worth it? yes, the wait was worth it! Take courage, cause we are not alone in our wait; neither are we alone in the feelings and struggles we encounter. Many godly women have waited for God’s time and won. Wait patiently and we will win triumphantly the future our Father has planned for us.

Why Is Waiting So Hard?

Fear is an internal pressure why waiting is so hard. And there are external pressures as well. Society pushes single women to grab for marriage because of a male shortage. Our parents want grandchildren. These kind of pressures often provoke single women to take more initiative rather than patienly wait for God’s best.

Consequences of Impatience

Impatience to find a man can cause a woman to argue about her “right” to date a man who is not godly, maybe not even a Christian. In Joshua 23:12-14 the Lord warns His people not to marry unbelievers. God knows than an ungodly husband will end up being “snares and traps for us, whips on our backs and thorns in our eyes…”. Many young women argue that they are just dating, not marrying unbeliever. But, every date is a potential mate.

Marriage to a non-Christian brings pain to the believing wife. As women, we long to be known and loved for all we are. A man who is spiritually dead can never know the very intimate spiritual part of us that is our heart. He would be blind to much of what we try to share with him. He could never know and understand us fully.

Just remember that we are not just marrying a husband, but choosing a father for our children. When we marry, we do not choose blessings or curses for us alone; we choose for the generations after us. If we choose to wait patiently for our knight in shining armor, we will be blessed by the heritage that a prince brings. But if we choose to run eagerly ahead of God’s plan and marry a man with no conscience toward God, we will reap the life’s course he follows, but not alone. Our children’s and grandchildren’s lives will be directly affected by the man we marry.

Developing Patience

Wait patiently! Perhaps we are giving God time to prepare, not ourself, but our beloved. Wait not for a man or a preconceived perfect future, but wait for Him. Developing patience is hard. But getting married ahead of God’s timing is worse. Patiently rest againts His chest. He will bring us the peace we need. Marriage is not a need, though God chooses to let marriage meet some needs a woman may have. Marriage is not a right, though God chooses to plan marriage for the majority of women. Marriage does not complete a person, though women who properly marry find that marriage rounds out some of their weakness. Don’t let our impatient longings rob us of the life God wants to bless us with as a single. Realize we do not need marriage for happiness or a full life. If we are holding onto marriage as a right, relinquish this right so it will not keep us from God’s fullest blessings. God knows what is best for us. His timing is perfect and He will take care of His Lady of Patience.


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