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Dear, My Future Husband


Hi my future child(ren)’s  Daddy.

Thank you for choose me to be one of your important life’s part.
Well, bein’ a part of my life won’t be easy, and I bet a part of your life as well.
I’m not that kind of woman who make up, cook and socialize well.
But, I can learn if you need me so and plis be there when I’m still learning.
Neither do a child who raise in a rich family as well, but trust me I have parent who raise and teach me to keep struggle for every dream that I have which make me dream bigger and work harder since I was little.
And that’s exactly I wanna teach our future child(ren) oneday.
You better know even a little about photography bcos I kinda like bein’ in your frame.
And let’s travel any place that catch our attention in the same time, bcos having you as a traveller mate would be great.
Hiking? I’m in, beachy time? I’m in.
Whereever you wanna go, any place, plis take me along with you cause bein’ with you would be the best time ever happen in my whole life.
Well, I have so many dreams and I wanna make it real, but if you ask me to be a fulltime Mommy, it would be great too.
Bcos become a Mommy for your child(ren) is my first priority as a woman.
But when our future child(ren) is growing up, I need your permission to live the dream once again b4 my time is over, at least one of them.
Let’s open and close our eyes everyday with prayer where seek for His truth is our daily life.
Plis talk to Him about me any time you have the chance, because through Him perhaps I’ll be what you need as a complement for the rest of your life.
Don’t ask me to complete you, bcos He is enough for that.
I don’t know who you are now, maybe I’ve met you or haven’t met you yet but promise me that you’ll take my hand and never let go on the right time for any kind of risk that may face our life ahead.
I still have so many things to share with you, but through this, it’ won’t be enough.
So plis, be on time, yaa. Haha

Your Future Child(ren)’s Mommy


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