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My Kinda Weird Bestfriend Relationship


We met like more than three years ago.

A bataknese just like me but with javanese accent, it is kinda wew  but somehow she tried the bataknese accent and me did vice versa.

Now most of people that already known us called us not so identical twin sisters. 😂

For the first time in forever, I know how is it feel to trust a person with all your secret, how is it feel to have a bestfriend.. I mean the real one.

I am kinda complicated person when it talk about trust.

We argue about so maaany things, laugh for not so important things, tell each other every secret, and then every moment we have had each other back we know we already built a strong relationship called a weird bestfriend relationship.


Hei, gil.
Let’s keep this weird relationship like for a lifetime and forever.
And build it stronger than ever for ages that we will spend in this little earth.

Well, thank God for sent me this relationship..
I feel not only happy but all kind of feeling that every human being could expressed themself.


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