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The Perks of being The Brightest In The Family!


A family consist of many different characters from the very different person. Even as a family, you can’t just be the one who understand them completely. But no matter what, you’ll be the one who they will share the most burden feeling they have towards the day.

Some of the family member is melancholic, maybe family person, or even bossy. But now, I wanna talk about a melancholic plus family person of the family or we may called them the brightest member of the family. This kind of person for some reason is the most trusted people for every words, thoughts even acts that he/she will choose. There’ll be no questions, comments even doubts from other member of family for his/her decisions.

Is it good for that person?
I mean, let’s say that this post is from the person who felt what we discuss here, melancholic and family person, the brightest family member. Maybe for the most matter is good but for the essential matter it is not.

The perks of being that person is they can’t share the most deepest feeling he/she has >> picture as a perfect person for the rest of family member.

Because the family trust them so much. He can’t face the fact that he/she is weak in front of the family. Like I said, “Even as a family, you can’t just be the one who understand them completely”. Trust is the most vulnerable word human being has. If I am trusted by a person, I will do everything to make me worth the trust. For some reason, I just can’t show my weakness in front of them. And that’s exactly why this kind of person tend to be perfect in the family eyes.

But for that person, it is hurt being the one who pictures as a flawless person. Human being makes mistake, they never perfect. They always need a shoulder to lean on, ears and heart to listen to their deepest problems.

Problems, mistakes make a person, human.



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