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Vision to Upgrade Your Life


When anybody asks you about vision of life? What’s your answer?

“Vision of life? What’s that?”
Or maybe you’ll answer like this,
“I don’t have a vision of life”

So, what do you live for? Don’t you have anything to hold and be a reason for life? But, before we discuss more about vision of life, I’ll tell you about definition of vision according to my opinion. In my opinion, vision of life is my purpose and reason for life, it become my foundation to do everything in my life. Vision of life give me an image of what’s life that I’m living for.

A vision makes your life guided and indirectly makes you always wanna try. When you decide to make a vision, please make a vision that give good impact for people around you, directly or indirectly.

All of people wanna get success and reach their vision.
All of people of course wanna be happy and joyful in their own life.

But, has a vision that give good impact for others?
Has a vision that make others feel blessed?
Has a vision that make others remember you in your goodness?

Vision that give impact for others not only make you, who have the vision, feel blessed but also give you a chance to share the bless with others. It will bring you joy when you don’t even realize that your life is worthy for others.

On your way to reach the vision you need missions as your steps for the vision. Missions is somethin’ like your way to reach the vision.

For the real example of vision and mission, I’ll tell you mine. In outline, my vision was written in
Colossians 3:23

“What ever you do, work at it with all your heart as working for the Lord not for human.”

This vision is reflecting what life that I want. I wanna keep work and struggle for my life with all my heart. I wanna do everything for my life as working for the Lord, so that what ever the result of my work, I’ll not feel dissapointed. Every work which do by heart to serve the Lord will not brings dissapointment.

Sometimes my vision is too difficult to do, but I believe He will always be there whenever I need Him.


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