Hi, my name is Rosi Oktavia Purba. A freelance writer and author of Ochypurba’s and Share is Bless.




I am a traveller since I was born. Born in Bekasi City in Java Island till I was 7th. Then move in to Tarutung City (a capital city of North Tapanuli of North Sumatra in Sumatra Island) till now. But I was in Balige City (a capital city of Toba Samosir of North Sumatra in Sumatra Island) to complete my high school education in Yayasan Soposurung Dormitory for three years. Now, I live in Bandung City to pursue my higher education in Institut Teknologi Bandung, majoring in Biology.



A bataknese with Purba as the family name. Rosi Oktavia is a name from my grandfather which is came up from Bataknese language, RO aSI ni roha ni Debata di bulan OKtober di BaTAVIA. It means “It’s already come the grace of God in October in Batavia”


When I’m not busy with the college things, I like to date my laptop, doing the stuffs like browsing, blogging, watching, listening music, and so others.

I also love dancing specially traditional dance of bataknese, alone‘ing’, and fashion‘ing’.

My 5 Years Prayer List:

1. Write fiction book
2. Solo trip (a must before double in God)
3. Upgrade this become ochypurba.com 🙂 or Share is Bless.
4. Triple with my first descent (number 2 before this)
5. Be there in my friends wedding *.*

Start 2015
DEADLINE December 2020

Get to Know Me:

Email      :
– personal : ochypurba@yahoo.com
– work        : rosioktaviapurba@yahoo.com
Facebook: Rosi Oktavia Purba
Twitter    : @ochypurba
LinkedIn : Rosi Oktavia Purba



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