ABOUT This Blog

A Human’s Diary about:


Story of Life:

This part explain you more about how the author’s life looks like. 
Her dream to write a fiction book someday titled Chara in Rain (on progress).
Her final project for her bachelor degree that turns her life ups and downs for thousand times and let you learn from it.
Her intership experience that give her so many chances to know that she is on God’s hand and might give you more time to think about the same.
Her love story and how she’s dealing with it.
Her travelling experience to the outside of her comfort zone and let you know the beauty and the best information from it.

Relationship in common

The part for readers who look for a miracle in a relationship.

Other Things that interest The Author

The quotes she got from the books that she red, heard, and also hers.

View and Read her post.

Maybe you’ll get and/or learn something about how this world work.
And if you do, don’t hesitate to like or share her post to others.


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